Ceramic Tile Coating Installation Service

Our company is pleased to offer a high-quality ceramic tile installation service to transform your spaces into functional, aesthetically pleasing and durable environments. Below, we highlight our process, from budgeting to project completion:

1. Custom Quote:
- After the first contact with our team, we schedule a visit to the installation site.
- During the visit, we evaluate the space, discuss your specific preferences and needs.
- Based on this assessment, we provide a detailed and personalized quote, which includes an estimate of materials and labor required for the project.

2. Scheduling the Date:
- After the quote is approved, we work together to schedule a convenient installation date.
- We respect your schedule and do our best to meet established deadlines.

3. Site Preparation:
- Before installation, we prepare the site by removing old coverings, cleaning the surface and making any necessary corrections to ensure a solid foundation for the tiles.

4. Professional Installation:
- Our highly qualified team begins the installation, following industry best practices.
- We use high quality materials, such as suitable adhesives and mortars, ensuring a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing installation.

5. Grouting and Finishing:

- After installing the tiles, we apply the grout with precision, filling all joints to ensure a uniform surface.

- We carry out a careful finish, ensuring that the tiles are aligned and level.

6. Inspection and Customer Satisfaction:
- We carry out a final project inspection with the client to ensure that all expectations have been met.

7. Collection of Amount (50% in Advance):
- We charge 50% of the total project value in advance to cover initial costs, such as purchasing materials and mobilizing the team.
- Final payment will be due upon successful completion of the project.

8. Warranty and Support:
- We offer a guarantee for our service, ensuring the quality of the work performed.
- We are available for any assistance or repairs needed after installation.

At our company, customer satisfaction is our priority. Our dedicated team is committed to providing a hassle-free ceramic tile installation experience, ensuring your space is transformed according to your visions and requirements. Contact us to get a personalized quote and start the process of transforming your space with high-quality ceramic tiles.

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